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Alonso happier under Sarri than Conte


  • Alonso feels more confident with the formation Sarri plays, says it suits his natural position.
  • This role gives Alonso the license to attack at will and stun the opposing team with the element of surprise.

Marcos Alonso has revealed that he feels more freedom to play football this season under Sarri.

This is because he has returned to his natural position as a left full-back.

Alonso played as a left wing-back for the past two seasons in a 3-5-2 formation under Conte.

The role gave him license to attack but had strict rules that he should fall back when the side were not in possession of the ball.

This appears not to be too different from what his current role entails, but the player seems to love the fact that he has returned to his natural left full back position.

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“All my life I had played in a back-four, at Real Madrid Castilla and at Bolton. This is me going back to my natural position.”

“I’m very happy with Sarri’s new system. I am just as happy or even happier than I was in Conte’s 3-5-2.”

“Perhaps with Conte I was closer to the other team’s goal. He liked both wingbacks to get very high up the pitch.”

”Now it is more about the element of surprise, arriving from deep and doing it when the other fullback has not gone forward. It depends on how the game is going. If the team needs help then we take more risks.”

Alonso looks set to play for Spain after Luis Enrique dropped Jordi Alba from the squad to play England.

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Also we reported earlier that Alonso is glad that Jorginho is helping us adapt to Sarri style of play. 

According to Alonso, Jurginho makes the rest of the team understand Sarri’s techniques based on the fact that Jorginho played for Sarri at Napoli for three seasons. Read more and get the full gist by clicking on the link.

Do you think Sarri presents himself as a better coach to the players at Stamford Bridge than Conte?

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