According to the Danish newspaper Politiken based on a claim from Football Leaks, Chelsea infringed on Premier League rules by hiring Andreas Christensen’s father and enticing the 15-year-old to sign for the club.

The report claims that Manchester City had the same plan in process for the player but were leapfrogged by the Stamford Bridge outfit who won the battle for the player.

Therefore, the Blues now face the resultant allegations. The report noted that hiring the player’s father Sten Christensen was no major issue.

However, the report claimed that Sten Christensen had not done any scouting work for Chelsea, although he was a goalkeeper coach in his time at Brondby when Christensen played there.

According to the report, the scouting salary for 4 years was just a cover-up. It was either a ploy to hide the father’s operations as an unlicensed agent for his son or to hide the little payments the club may have made to the family.

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Premier League rules and regulations do not condone payments to agents without a license as well as payments to induce parents.

However, when Chelsea was contacted by Politiken, the club responded:

“We do not comment on speculation concerning confidential contracts or player-related matters.”

Sten Christensen, on the other hand, responded thus when contacted:

“Listen, this is a story you’ve gotten from some Ukrainian or something. I have no comments on this matter whatsoever. [Politiken] had better not call me again.”

Meanwhile, the Premier League made a statement:

“Should we receive any substantiated material that suggests our rules may have been breached, we will of course investigate and have a track record of doing so.”