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Chelsea FC should shun the lackadaisical approach


The transfer ban could pass for one of the reasons why proceedings at Chelsea this summer appear to be a bit slow but we know it’s far from it as this has been the norm in recent times.

Chelsea were formerly known for their quick approach in making decisions in the transfer market with regards to signing players and hiring managers but the speed with which these actions were taken appears to be waning.

It’s no more news that some of Europe’s major elite clubs who had managerial issues have seen them resolved. The likes of Juventus, Inter Milan, and AC Milan in the Serie A can attest to this, Funny enough, Juventus stole Maurizio Sarri from other our noses speedily.

However, this has not been the case at Chelsea. No major news on the response from the Court of Arbitration for Sport, (CAS), on the supposed appeal that was sent by the club has been heard. This means that the club doesn’t stand a chance of signing any of its transfer targets this summer.

Meanwhile, reports of a possible replacement for Maurizio Sarri continues to heighten, But one could begin to ask; When will the news be confirmed, as Newcastle’s Rafa Benitez is also reportedly in the running for the Chelsea job.

Chelsea have been taking the lackadaisical approach in making major decisions in recent times and this has affected the club immensely.

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Who remembers how long it took to get Maurizio Sarri hired even after it was obvious that he wouldn’t be in the dugouts for Napoli the following season?

This was the reason why Maurizio Sarri didn’t have ample time to assess his squad in pre-season before the commencement of the season. This was one of the reasons why he struggled to imprint his style on the team significantly.

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Other rivals in the Premier League are already getting things done. Most notably are the Premier League Champions Manchester City even after an impressive season. One might ask what chances we’d have against them in the quest for next season’s Premier League title going by these developments.

Another endless loop is on the cards, and it’s the ‘endless 48 hours’ loop which has been on for the appointment of the next manager at the club. Frank Lampard is the man according to reports but it remains to be seen.

There’s even no need to mention the club’s approach in acquiring key targets. Chelsea FC have to brace up and shun the lackadaisical approach in how they get things done. Hire a new manager already!