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All Chelsea’s logo since inception


Chelsea fc logo has indeed metamorphosed since the creation of the club. Today we want to share with you; the origin of Chelsea logo. How it has transformed from a crest for pensioners to a logo for one of the best clubs in the premier league.

Chelsea football club has a very rich history and so is its logo. It’s a known fact that CFC has remained relevant over the years. Consequently, her blue badge or logo has also grow in popularity.

Have you ever wondered how Chelsea football club came about its current Badge? I mean the all blue crest with a blue Chelsea Lion standing uprightly at the center, holding a staff. Well you are about to learn the origin of the famous Chelsea football club logo.

Chelsea logo history

Chelsea Football Club was birthed in 1905 by Ted Mars and Joseph Mars.

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The affluent area of Chelsea was known as a nursing home for the British Army. This is as a result of the Royal Hospital being situated at its Nucleus.

The Royal Hospital cared for British Army as well as the British War veterans. However, when they could not accommodate them any more, they implemented a policy that gave out pensions to veterans.

As a sign of respect, the club adopted the image of Chelsea pensioner on its crest. This contributed to the club’s original nickname “The Pensioners”.


chelsea logo since 1905 -



In 1952, the club’s manager Ted Drake believed, Chelsea’s pensioner crest to be old fashioned and insisted on its replacement. A badge which had the initials C.F.C. was adopted, though it lasted for a year.

chelsea logo

The middle of the Twentieth century, the club and the manager decided that the new emblem should be associated with the new “Blue”. They however, agreed that the new crest will be “an upright blue lion looking backward and holding a staff”.

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Chelsea’s 1953 crest was based on:

  • Base: coat of arms of the Metropolitan Borough of Chelsea.
  • The lion “rampant regardant”: taken from the arms of then club president Viscount Chelsea.
  • The staff: from the Abbots of Westminster, former Lords of the Manor of Chelsea.
  • Roses: three roses to represent England.
  • soccer ball: The symbols of the game.
  • The inscription “Chelsea Football Club.”

The emblem existed from 1953 to 1986. The new owner of the club Ken Bates decided to modernize Chelsea’s crest because the “old regardant lion badge” could not be trademarked.

The new badge consisted of a non-heraldic lion, in white just above the C.F.C. initials, this modification lasted for 19 years. Subsequent modifications for the non-heraldic lion include different colors like red from 1987-1995 and yellow in 1995-1999.

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2005, The crest was changed again with the arrival of new owner Roman Abramovich and fans requesting a return to the older design used from 1953 to 1986, featuring a blue heraldic lion. The 05/06 season was accompanied by the words ‘100 YEARS’ and ‘CENTENARY 2005–2006’ on the top and bottom of the crest respectively.

In the World, Chelsea is ranked the seventh most valuable football club, worth £1.54 billion ($2.06 billion), and the eighth highest-earning football club, earning over €428 million in the 2017–18 season. Based on attendance, the club has the sixth-largest fanbase in England.