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Chelsea’s preseason schedule in shambles


  • Hard time for Chelsea’s as preseason lopsided
  • Three previously scheduled Chelsea’s preseason fixtures may have to be rescheduled or worst canceled.

These are not really exciting times at Chelsea with the numerous uncertainties clouding the club recently.

The club’s preseason schedule had to be ripped up due to issues regarding the combination of (semi) competitive fixture developments, as well as a mistake on the part of the ICC organizers according to a report by Daily Mail.

The previously announced preseason schedule for Chelsea was as follows:

July 23: vs. Perth Glory in Perth, Australia
July 28: vs. Sevilla in Warsaw, Poland
August 1: vs. Internazionale in Gothenburg, Sweden
August 4: vs. Arsenal in Stockholm, Sweden

Out of these fixtures, only one looks likely to materialize as it has been planned for more than a year now, although it’s quite a long trip and takes place a week after the world cup final.

However, the other three previously scheduled fixtures which are part of the International Champions Cup summer pseudo-tournament ill have to rescheduled or canceled.

Sevilla ended up 7th in the La Liga and therefore qualified for the Europa League’s second qualifying round, making them set for games on July and August. This means that it will be difficult to squeeze in a friendly against Chelsea on the 28th.

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This means that the game may be rescheduled or ends up being canceled due to Sevilla’s busy early-season schedule.

Another affected fixture is the game against Arsenal which was canceled after Chelsea emerged as FA Cup champions, a triumph that saw them automatically positioned to play the Community Shield fixture against Manchester City on the 5th.

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The club initially warned about such developments when the ICC fixtures were announced. Finally, Chelsea’s game against Inter in Gothenburg will be moved to another location or rescheduled for another time or day.

This won’t be a good look for the ICC especially if some fans had already committed themselves beforehand. Hopefully, these unwelcome developments get sorted out as fast as possible for the club’s benefit.

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