antonio conte

Former Chelsea boss Antonio Conte is reportedly set to take Chelsea to court for his remaining salary.

The Italian was sacked and replaced with Maurizio Sarri during the summer after a very lengthy process of compensation negotiation. However, Conte has refused to relent as the issue drags on.

The Blues are eager for a settlement to be reached outside of court but Conte has refused to take part in any of the meetings.

According to reports, Conte believes he should be paid what is stipulated in the contract. There are also indications that the figure could be around  – £11.3m to £20m as well as an additional £8.7m in damages.

His lawyers have focused their effort on two cases; one at the Court of Arbitration for Sport and the other at an employment tribunal.

Chelsea, on the other hand, are not intent on paying the full sum due to Conte’s behavior during his time at the club.

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These are behaviors like his refusal to attend sponsorship events, parking in the wrong space, his late arrival to press conferences, as well as his treatment of Diego Costa.