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Frank Lampard – I’m ready for management


Chelsea legend, mercurial midfielder, and Englishman Frank Lampard has declared that he’s ready to move into management once the opportunity arises.

Lampard has been working behind the scenes to ensure he completes his coaching qualifications at Chelsea as he approaches his first job in management. He also expects a good number of his fellow Englishmen from his playing time to move into football management.

“I’m doing my coaching badges at the moment. I’ve spent a lot of time at Chelsea this year, gaining hours of experience,” Lampard told the Press Association.

“I’ve already managed to get my A Licence in coaching. So yes, with the right opportunity and right timing for me, I’d really take a very close look at it.

“Because you do want to give back, show you can help try to develop players, and help them tactically and whether you can be a good man-manager.

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“The FA are working much more closely now with ex-players to try to get them into their coaching badges.

“I think we had some barren years when the help wasn’t there, and players went away from the game. But now I think they’re trying to help players go straight into getting their coaching badges.”

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Lampard revealed this whilst speaking to launch Barclays’ ‘Game Changing Fans’ report in conjunction with YouGov, as they conducted an examination of the relationship between Premier League clubs and their supporters.

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Th quiz conducted amongst 4,039 supporters showed that Liverpool had the loudest fans in the league.

“We must never lose sight of the hardcore fans that all these clubs have, the people who work hard for their money to go and watch these teams home and away; it’s special,” said Lampard.

“When Chelsea won the league in 2005 at Bolton, we needed to win the game and in the first half it didn’t go according to plan, we didn’t turn up almost.

“I remember coming out for the second half and we were met by this roar from the Chelsea fans. It pushed us on and we won the game 2-0.”