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Hazard will be targeted by opposition boots yet again


This season promises to be an exciting one as Chelsea playmaker Eden Hazard appears to have already taken the center stage for the Blues.

Since his arrival to the Premier League to join Chelsea, the Belgian has taken the lead in two statistical categories every season, and these are successful dribbles completed and the number of fouls suffered.

The game against Newcastle United was a very tough fixture for the Blues, and they’ll do well to be ready for such tactical deployments from the opponents they’ll face this season due to the Sarriball philosophy.

Hazard will also do well to know that he’ll be targetted regularly, and it’s good for the club that he already knows this.

The 2018/19 Premier League season has commenced and the Belgian who has just 1 start in 3 games is already averaging 6 successful dribbles per 90 minutes and has also been fouled 8 times.

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Funny enough, these are the fouls that have been called. The player averages 5.4 per 90 minutes and this is the highest suffered by any player in the league with at least 90 minutes played in the first three games thus far.

Hazard was yet the subject of the opposition boot in the game against Newcastle as the Belgian received more of the ball for Chelsea and was heavily targeted.

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However, the referee towed the line of leniency as the Chelsea playmaker was kicked from all corners to prevent from him pulling any dangerous moves or tricks.

This didn’t deter the Belgian as he persisted and scored the penalty for Chelsea’s opener and the first goal of the game at St James’ Park.

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Speaking after the game, he said:“The Premier League is always like this — every weekend is the same. But I’m not complaining, I try to do my job and when you have the ball, you get kicked, so no complaints. You just try to play better.

“I felt tired after the game but, at the end, I was happy with the result and the goal. When you win games you forget that you are tired so now we have one week to rest and be ready for the next game.”

“We need to keep this momentum. We want to be at the top at the end of the season.

“This is just the beginning, but confidence is coming and goals are coming too.”