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It’s arguable but Maurizio Sarri took the easy route


Chelsea are currently on the search for a new boss, although Frank Lampard is being widely reported as potential next manager.

This has definitely been one of the summers that fans of the club will be eager to forget in a hurry, considering the departures of Eden Hazard and Maurizio Sarri.

Maurizio Sarri will take over as manager at Serie A outfit Juventus after just one season at Stamford Bridge which can be described as mixed.

Regardless, some questions about Maurizio’s Sarri’s efforts at the club must be answered. Why did the Italian choose to leave the Blues after just one season?

There are reports that the Italian and fans of the club didn’t exactly get along. Maurizio Sarri left Chelsea fans divided with his style of play and tactics.

This can be seen on Chelsea FC Chat. For the Blues faithful out there, it must be noted that Chelsea FC Chat is Chelsea forum. The manager’s efforts were praised and criticized by users of the online platform.

This was also the case at Stamford Bridge as a recent report by Metro has claimed that Maurizio Sarri made up his mind to leave the club after some fans chanted ‘F**k Sarriball’ in the Blues Premier League away game against Cardiff.

Well, I don’t think that’s enough reason for a manager to want to leave a club. It’s not the first time that managers and fans will engage in verbal fisticuffs and it definitely won’t be the last.

Maurizio Sarri was arguably never settled at Chelsea and in England. One of the reasons that could be pointed out is the touchline rule that barred smoking, forcing him to chew cigarette filters. He definitely missed smoking on the touchline.

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It could even be said that the Chelsea job was a ‘get out of jail card’ or rehearsal for a dream job at Juventus after his exit from Napoli where he didn’t get along with Aurelio De Laurentiis.

Therefore, when the Old Ladies came calling, he didn’t think twice before accepting the job offer. Sarri took the easy route out as the future task at Chelsea is challenging to say the least, with a transfer ban looming and departure of the club’s best leg in Eden Hazard.

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Next season was a major challenge for Maurizio Sarri with the departure of Eden Hazard. It would have been a platform for the Italian to show what he was made of.

However, it appears he wouldn’t be up to the challenge and decided to go for Juventus in a league they’ve been dominating for years, rather than stay and find himself possibly out of a job before the end of the 2019/20 football season if Chelsea fail to perform.

That’s the opinion of some of the folks at the Chelsea FC Chat forum, and I can’t beg to differ but agree with them.

Remember, Chelsea FC Chat is Chelsea forum, hence, some of their own theories can be accurate. It remains to be seen how the Chelsea board react in terms of hiring a new manager.

For now, Chelsea legend, Frank Lampard appears to be the prime target. We wait to see how the developments pan out.