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Sarri In! Bye to 3 defenders at the back at Chelsea?


  • New Sheriff in town; Italian tactician Maurizio Sarri appointed as Chelsea’s coach.
  • No chance for Victor Moses getting a regular shirt under Sarri’s, Sarriball.
  • 4-3-3 formation deployed in Napoli to be equally used at Stamford Bridge.

Maurizio Sarri has been appointed to replace Antonio Conte as the new boss at Stamford Bridge. Finally! We are done with that and can now focus on other pressing issues at the club. One salient question from Chelsea’s appointment of Sarri is this.

Is this the end of 3 defenders at the back at Chelsea? What does the future hold for the non-typical wing backs in the likes of Victor Moses who thrived under this setup?

There was this myth some time ago that a system of 3 defenders at the back would never flourish in the Premier League. Well, one could easily rewind to the 2016/17 Premier League season and see how that myth was quashed by an Italian tactician named Antonio Conte in his debut season at Chelsea.

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The formation ensured that Nigerian star Victor Moses was not deemed surplus to requirements as he owned that the right-wing back position perfectly in the first season under Conte.

Conte appeared to have revolutionized English club football as clubs could only attempt to thwart Chelsea with the same formation, However, that was Conte’s preferred formation and results going the way of Chelsea proved this.

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Well, it appeared he was found in his second season. Nonetheless, we’re focused on how Chelsea’s style will pan out under Sarri. Sarri preferred the 4-3-3 formation while at Napoli and his side thrived with it, playing possession-oriented, high pressing and expansive football.

That’s what a lot of Chelsea fans have been clamoring for, and hopefully, they’ve gotten the ideal tactician to deploy a system of attractive football with significant end results.

Sarri will definitely continue with the system at Chelsea. His brand of 4-3-3 undergoes different alterations in the course of a game and these will be dependent on if Chelsea has the ball, are initiating an attack, pressing without the ball, or defending.

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It’s safe to say that 3 at the back is done for under Sarri at Chelsea, and the players who thrived in those unfamiliar roles will have to adapt or get shipped out immediately. Regardless, this is the possible return of 4 at the back at Chelsea, and 3 at the back bids farewell.

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Would there be a total overhaul of the Chelsea defenders to fully execute Sarri’s, Sarriball?

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