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The Blues adapting nicely to Sarriball


  • Chelsea’s new manager Maurizio Sarri to implement new style of play; “SARRIBALL”
  • The Blues playing better possession football since the arrival of the new coach.

Our guess is that even Sarri will be surprised with how his start to life as Chelsea manager has panned out this early.

He is in the process of implementing a new style of play at Stamford Bridge this season, and his side has played three games in the Premier League thus far.

Chelsea have become a delight to watch in a very short time, as they now play attractive and attack-minded football.

More so, they’ve won all three games they’ve played thus far in the 2018/19 Premier League season, recently breaking the hoodoo at St James’ Park.

Maurizio Sarri has proven himself to not just be a lover of slick passing and possession based football but also has an eye for getting the best out of his players.

Chelsea have scored 8 goals in the Premier League this term and have conceded 3.

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Surprisingly, the thoughts of a tough start Maurizio Sarri would have envisaged at the beginning of his Chelsea reign appears to have been dispelled.

Chelsea have dominated all the games they’ve played thus far, and most recently earned a staggering 81% possession against Newcastle. Even the likes of Barcelona and Man City would be envious.

The Blues have been impressive and will have to continue in this form to achieve something significant this season, although it’s still early days yet.

Sarri has also revealed that the brand of football being implemented at Stamford Bridge presently was demanded at the negotiation table.

It was obvious that Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich and a good number of Chelsea fans were fed up with the side’s conservative and defensive minded approach which had seen them win laurels.

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They were eager to see the club evolve as football has also evolved with more emphasis being placed on ball-playing and attack.

Hopefully, what has begun at Stamford Bridge as is obvious for all to see continues with significant results to show.

According to Sarri, in a chat with Goal, Abramovich demanded quality football and was also aware that it would take time to perfect.

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However, the Blues appear to have adapted nicely to the new system thus far. regardless of some loopholes that are still apparent in the team.

Sarri said:

“But I think he [Abramovich] knows it [will take time]. If they called me 40 days ago, I think it’s because they wanted to see my football here. It’s not easy, but I have to try.”

“It’s important if I like it, first of all. I want to enjoy, I want to have fun, press the ball. Then, if I enjoy the game, maybe the supporters enjoy the game. ”

“And I think that, if the team enjoy the game, they’ll have a lot of opportunities to win the match. It will take two or three months. But I think, in this case, with this team, there are very intelligent players.”

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