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The new boss must answer the Jorginho vs Kante question


Ahead of the new season, we want to take a look at Chelsea’s midfield position and analyze one role that brought about controversies under Maurizio Sarri.

The battle between Jorginho and N’Golo Kante is sure to resurface next season under the new boss at Stamford Bridge.

The French midfielder was the go-to man to stay in front of the back four and provide cover with interceptions and tackles and he did this impressively.

It was the role that established him as one of the best defensive midfielders in Europe in his time at Leicester before making the move to Chelsea.

However, after the appointment of Maurizio Sarri, he was displaced from the position by Jorginho. According to Sarri, Jorginho was the ideal man for the position in his playing style which required building from the back.

Jorginho was the one to receive the ball, spread and dictate play. N’Golo Kante was limited in this skillset in the position and he was moved to the flanks on the midfield. A position where he was now required to initiate attacks, he was even more limited in this.

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Jorginho struggled when the opposition teams identified his key role in the team and sought to thwart it. However, he appeared to get to grasps with the pace of the Premier League and improved towards the tail end of the season.

Meanwhile, one question that will surely come up is who will be preferred in the role under a new manager? The Jorginho vs Kante question is one that the new manager must answer when the season commences.

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N’Golo Kante was not comfortable on the flanks but tried his best to adapt. His presence there was not a plus to Chelsea’s attack last season, as he was limited.

Jorginho’s adaptation to the league towards the end last season is another cause for concern as he gradually became very impressive sitting in front of the back four.

This is one issue that must be resolved by Chelsea’s potential new boss as the 2019/20 season approaches, and hopefully, all parties will be satisfied with the decisions that will be made.