tomas kalas

Chelsea’s Tomas Kalas who is currently on loan to Fulham has expressed hopes that he can follow Christensen’s footsteps at Chelsea and finally earn himself a place in the Chelsea squad after spending eight years at Stamford Bridge.

However, the loanee at Fulham now 25, has made only two starts for Chelsea in that period.

Chelsea signed Kalas from Signa Olomouc in a £5 million deal in 2010, after which he was sent on subsequent loan transfers. Now at Fulham, he helped Fulham gain promotion to the Premier League after beating Aston Villa 1 nil in the Championship playoff final on Saturday.

He said: “I haven’t spoken to Chelsea about what will happen next. It is in my contract. They are going to talk. Obviously Fulham has to offer something if they want me.

“I don’t really know what will happen next season. If it’s at a Premier League side, it doesn’t really matter which one.

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“Chelsea or Fulham would be the best option. Currently I don’t have any other options. ”

“I can easily say that I will try to get into the Premier League if the offer comes.”

Whilst speaking on his chances of making it into the Chelsea first-team, he admitted that it would be a big ask, but expressed hops that could follow in Andreas Christensen’s footsteps at the club.

He said: “Andreas Christensen has made it and he played many games.

“Obviously there were a few mistakes but overall he took the chance well, and deserves to be there. So if he can do it, I believe that I can do it as well.

“In pre-seasons in the past I don’t think I was the worst player on the pitch. One season I was there I played two games. That’s not enough from what I was expecting, what I was told I would get. So if it comes and with the way they are playing, hopefully I would fit in. But on the other side, it hasn’t worked for the past eight years, is it time to change, maybe yes, maybe not? If we work it out, with some different club, then maybe that’s the option. I can’t say much now.”

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