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Uncertainty clouds Conte’s departure from Chelsea


Numerous speculations suggest that Chelsea boos Antonio Conte is the odds-on favorite to leave Stamford Bridge in the summer. However, reports from Daily Mail suggests that his future at the club is still uncertain, as none of the board or coaching staff are aware of who will be in charge next season. Conte’s departure from Chelsea seems far from certain from this report, as every option on the table presently will be considered.

The report claims that although a chance that Conte remains in charge at Stamford Bridge exists, many people think he will be leaving in the summer. However, the club appears to be intent on landing their transfer targets regardless of who is at the helm as they wouldn’t want to be left behind in the chase for quality players.

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It is obvious from all indications that getting a quality replacement for Conte in the summer will be difficult if he leaves, as the likes of Barcelona and Real Madrid are also expressing patience till the end of the season before deciding on the status of their current managers. Luis Enrique who has also been a managerial target for Chelsea now appears to be attracting interest from Chelsea’s London rivals Arsenal.

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Chelsea may miss out on the Champions League next season, and this may help their course in the search for a new coach along with the budget they’ll have to spend, being lesser than in previous years, with the board looking to control the ins and outs from the club, a development that has attracted criticisms from Conte.


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