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Warnock – Chelsea lacked class in Abraham’s move


  • Neil warnock slams Chelsea over Abraham move.
  • Cardiff to meet red hot Chelsea side at the bridge.

Newly promoted Premier League side Cardiff visit Stamford Bridge this weekend to face a red-hot Chelsea who still have a 100% record thus far.

The Cardiff side being managed by Neil Warnock have a big task on their hands as they will have to contend with the likes of Eden Hazard, Pedro, and the likes.

Ahead of the game, Cardiff manager Warnock has spoken and wished that some big names would have left the club to make his job less difficult.

In a chat with London Evening Standard, Warnock said:

“I was hoping Barcelona bought Willian and Hazard went to Real Madrid this summer. They are such great players.

“Hazard? People try to kick him but he just loves it, he just wants to play. I love his attitude. I can understand why Chelsea didn’t let him go.

“He is a massive part of what they’re trying to do. How do you stop him? Goodness knows.

“I was hoping Iceland were going to take chunks out of him when he played for Belgium the other night.

“In all seriousness, I won’t set out to do that. We get tainted with the wrong brush.

“I was hoping Barcelona bought Willian and Hazard went to Real Madrid this summer”

“We got criticised after the Manchester City game — there was a tackle on Leroy Sane by our left-back, Joe Bennett. People made such a meal of it, you’d think we were animals.

“The reason Hazard gets fouled a lot is because he’s so quick, so deceptive, so good. Some lads in the division will be late at times but it’s merely because they’re not at his level.”

He also took a swipe at Chelsea for lacking class in handling his request for Tammy Abraham.

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Cardiff wanted Tammy Abraham but Chelsea ignored their advances and sent the striker to Aston Villa instead.

He said:

“I wanted Tammy Abraham from day one. I spoke to [Chelsea’s loan player technical coach] Eddie Newton about it, but he ended up at Aston Villa.

“I was really disappointed they didn’t even come back to me. I thought I at least deserved a phone call saying ‘sorry Neil, he’s not joining’.

“It might have been because our deadline was three weeks before the Championship’s.

“Perhaps they weren’t sure at the time and then he ends up leaving at the end of the month, when only a move to a Championship club is possible. But even then, a phone call would have been better and shown a bit of class.

“Tammy would have been my main man in the Premier League – surely that would have been better for him? I don’t understand it. Surely they would want him playing in the Premier League?

“I don’t think it was a question over the size of the loan fee – we would have paid it.

“I just the felt the way we played, he would have enjoyed it and had an impact. I missed out on a few players waiting for him too, which disappointed me. But that’s life.”

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