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What time would the premier league fixtures be revealed? full information on how it is scheduled


It’s about time to get ready for the most exciting league in the world, as the English Premier League prepare to announce fixtures for the coming season.

The 2019/2020 Premier League fixtures are ready for releasing, with super exciting 380 premier league matches to be aired on Thursday morning.

Fingers are crossed, hearts pounding, feet tapping repeatedly on the floor for the excitement that is to be unveiled as we wait for who the defending champions Manchester city would be playing in their opening match.

The newly promoted sides would also be gnashing in excitement waiting to see who they begin their premier league campaign against, after been relegated to the championship for a handful number of years (Aston Villa, Sheffield United and Norwich City would be looking feel the Premier League atmosphere once again).

The full fixtures would be revealed today 13th of June, and we would like to give you details on how the premier league fixtures is usually scheduled.


When would the Premier League fixtures for 19/20 season be released?

That would be today Thursday June 13, 2019 (9am BST).

Where can you get a hold of the Premier League fixtures announcement ?

You can check use savechelsea.net or the official premier league site, on savechelsea.net we would show you the full fixture of the 19/20 premier league campaign.

How is the Premier League fixture order decided?

The order of premier league fixtures is decided with a devised method of ‘sequencing’ that is segregated into five different groups and the fixtures is reversed for the other half of the season.

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Their is a ‘Golden rule’ which states that there would be a separated three home fixtures and two away fixtures across every five matches or vice-versa.

Majority of the clubs would have a partner club which they can’t have clashing fixtures with, an example is Manchester United and Manchester City who cannot play a home fixtures on the same day.

There is another rule for the festive fixtures where on boxing day, if a team is not playing at home they’d be playing at home for New year’s day and the reversed in other cases.

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A team would possibly not have more than two home matches or two away matches in a row, it would always be mixed to balance the fixtures for the teams.

Why are fixtures date changed in the premier league?

There changes in fixtures dates because, there’d be an inevitable time into the campaign that an European fixture progress or domestic cup competition would altered the already fixed matches.

When would the season officially commence?

On August 10th 2019 the premier league opening fixtures commence, the time for the fixtures would  be stated.

The season would end on May 17, 2020.

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