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Why Jose Mourinho should not return to Chelsea


Chelsea are about to enter into one hell of an era next season as their current manager Maurizio Sarri is reportedly set to leave, while a 2-window transfer ban is on the cards.

The transfer ban will prevent the club from making any major signings this summer, while they remain at a loss on who will be the ideal replacement for Maurizio Sarri should his Juventus deal come through.

Chelsea have already sent an appeal to the Court of Arbitration for Sport that the transfer ban be suspended while they go about their normal transfer business this summer.

The club needs this, especially after the departure of key man Eden Hazard to Real Madrid, but it remains to be seen if the appeal will be upheld.

Regardless, one man who can be classified as friend and foe is reportedly open to a return to Stamford Bridge, and it’s Jose Mourinho. This will be his third spell with the club if a deal materializes.

But we’ll say no to Jose Mourinho in spite of the conundrum the club presently happens to have found themselves in, and this is why.

1. Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich is no more ready to throw the cash around as the club must now earn what they spend in the transfer market.

They’ve been doing good so far but have had to rely on a lot of average players in the process.

Jose Mourinho is not one for that but requires a huge transfer kitty, and the Blues hierarchy won’t have that presently. There goes the number one NO to Jose Mourinho!

2. Chelsea are presently in search of a significant playing identity. Up till Maurizio Sarri’s arrival, Chelsea had never been a club that favors possession of the ball.

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The Blues under the recent managers before Sarri preferred to soak pressure and hit on the break and it was worse when they came up against quality opposition, limiting the attackers.

It’s no coincidence that Eden Hazard had his highest attacking numbers in a Chelsea shirt under Sarri, despite the challenges the club faced in the 2018/19 season.

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This hasn’t been the case under Sarri, although his style left more to be desired in terms of attacking penetration and incisiveness, and not the numerous sideway passes were subjected to.

Regardless, the Blues have evolved beyond the ‘Park the Bus’ system and it must be maintained and improved on. There goes the second NO to Jose Mourinho!

3. Should the transfer ban appeal be dismissed and the ban upheld, the Blues will have to be heavily reliant on youth, and Jose Mourinho never passed for one that favored the youth setup in his years at Chelsea.

The Blues will need a manager who can improve the young players at his disposal and turn them into world beaters, similar to what Erik Ten Hag has done at Ajax.

Jose Mourinho does not fit this profile and there goes the third NO to the Portuguese boss who unarguably brought the Blues into limelight after heavy spending.

Hopefully, someone that fits the profiles listed above gets the job should the club fail to keep Maurizio Sarri.

Meanwhile, Stamford Bridge is not the place for Jose Mourinho presently and we say a BIG NO to a third spell.